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Our Podiatry Medical Practice provides a variety of services for infants, children, and adult patients. You can expect each service to be provided by experienced professionals and providing medical standers of care.

Checkout Our Medical Services

Checkout Medical Services

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Re-constructive Foot and Ankle Surgery

We provide consultation and second opinion of your foot condition. We will go over your x-rays and clinical exam and explain a treatment plan both surgical and non-surgical. We will contact your insurance carrier for coverage and authorization.

Surgical Facilities

We offer surgical services at a variety of locations including: John Muir Medical Center at both Concord and Walnut Creek facilities, Aspen Surgery Center, BASS Surgery Center, and Premier Surgery Center. Minor procedures can be performed in our office surgical suite.

Pain Relief

Gait Analysis

We evaluate your gait and look for leg length discrepancies, and muscle weakness.

Biomechanical Evaluation

This is a physical exam to look at range of motion of your joints, compensation of muscles and mal- alignment issues contributing to back, hip, knee, or foot pain.

Custom Made Orthotics and Braces

We cast for our custom arch supports (orthotics) and ankle braces. We have an in office lab to make modifications to your brace or orthotics. We also offer refurbishments of old supports and braces regardless of whether we originally dispensed them.

Sprains and Fracture Treatments

Sports Injuries

We have the ability to immobilize you with casts, soft casts, splints, removable walking casts, or taping.

Physical Therapy

Our experienced team of medical assistants delivers ultrasound, taping, band exercises, and stretching.


Wound Care

Dr. Kenney is a certified wound specialist (CWS) and services wound care patients both at her office and at the John Muir Wound Care Center, where at both locations we have the most advanced growth factor therapies available, to speed your wound healing. Our licensed nurse case manager will assist you with setting up home care, ordering your wound care supplies and coordinating your care with vascular specialists to improve blood flow if needed.

Types of Wounds

We treat diabetic, venous stasis, pressure, traumatic, and burn wounds of the foot and leg.

Diabetic, Arthritic, and Geriatric Care


Care for thick, fungal, or deformed nails are provided. We also perform procedures on ingrown nails to permanently correct the problem. We can discuss the most current medications to treat nail fungus.

Callouses and Corns

Debridement of callouses and corns are provided. We also assist you in digital devices or appliances to pad these areas.

Annual Diabetic Foot Checks

We perform annual exams to assess, sensation, blood flow, and evaluate your shoe gear for size and style and support needs. We provide you with assistance in obtaining shoes and supports through your insurance plans to qualified patients.

Laboratory Services


We provide in office X-rays. We are also able to download x-rays taken within the John Muir Health System

Non-Invasive Vascular Testing

Arterial flow analysis of toes, feet and legs is provided and sent to your primary care physician.

Neurological Testing

Testing for Neuropathy (loss of sensation) is performed and sent to your primary care physician.

Lab Results (blood and urine tests)

We do not draw blood but are able to download your lab results available from the John Muir hospital lab, and Lab-Corp and Quest. We are happy to review the results of previous lab work with you and how this correlates with your current condition. We also order labs, and perform biopsies.